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About Photolocator® 

Photolocator® is a program that helps organize digital images. It was designed to make it easy for anyone  to keep track of their pictures.  The program is geared towards real estate appraisers, but the database can be configured to meet the needs of anyone. The user can locate pictures by address, street, view, and location. (These field names can be renamed to anything that you wish) .  Once the desired images have been located, they can be posted to the Photolocator® single family or commercial photo addendum for printing . They can also be copied and pasted to a word processor or appraisal program. The only limit to the number of pictures Photolocator® can handle is the size of your hard drive.

Easily copy images into your EDI capable appraisal form filling software. 
Pictures can also be printed from within Photolocator®, with 4 different report options. 
Import pictures from MLS and other sources. Crop and edit images. 
4 user definable field names
"F key" responses on report allow you to quickly fill out forms. 
Easily import multiple images from floppy disks, digital  cameras, and media adaptors. 
Import maps and photos from scanners
Find any picture in seconds.
Edit rotate and crop pictures.
Easy to set up. Just tell Photolocator® where you store your pictures. You're ready to go!
Flexible. Photolocator® has options that let you easily create up to 5 image databases. These can be located on the hard drive, Zips, recordable CDs, etc. 

Price:  $149.95        Sales: (323) 821-8888




Why use Photolocator® ? To save time and money! How many times have you taken a comparable photo, only to later realize you already have the picture on file. With Photolocator® , it takes less than 10 seconds to determine whether or not you have a picture on file. How long does it take you with your current system? 

Do you rename your pictures with "creative" file names? How long does it take you to find that picture a couple of weeks later? Can you remember what the name was? With Photolocator® , a database lets you search by filename, address, street, view and location. No more lost pictures!



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